various items for sale

Frankenstein Unbound Brian W. Aldiss, unsigned, Centipede Press, new, $30

The Odd Couple new DVD, $1

Halloween new DVD, Anchor Bay 1999 edition $3

Raging Bull new DVD, $2

Scriblerus, Alexander Pope, Hesperus paperback, $2

various Centipede Press slipcases slipcases only, $10.

Gene Simmons Jack in the Box, Destroyer doll, $15

I Walked with a Zombie, nice reproduction poster $50

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde set of prints in hardcase folder, these are extra hardcase folders filled with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde prints. Each print is signed by the artist Barry Moser, $250

Exploring the Unknown, Readers Digest large cheesy hardcover, lots of color, great for young readers, $2

The Far Side Gallery 3, Gary Laron, paperback, $5

Sigmund Freud, Ralph Steadman, Firefly paperback, 1997, $15

Presents, Donald Barthelme, hardcover in Mylar wrapper, fine, signed by Donald Barthelme but not numbered, $29

Aesthetics Ho!, Donald Sidney-Fryer, Hippocampus paperback, $5

A History of Western Philosophy, Bertrand Russell, used oversize paperback, $1

The new Devils Dictionary, J.N. Williamson, trade paperback from Paul Ganley, fine in wrappers, $5

The Iliad and The Odyssey, Homer, Robert Fagles translations, later printings, 2 volumes, each in slipcase, Folio Society large editions, $95. The Odyssey somehow sticks to the inside of the slipcase and is a little difficult to get out. Otherwise they are fine.

Lolita, DVD, new, $2

Eyes Wide Shut, DVD, new, $2

The Beatles, 1 (2000 release, not 2009) $6

India 50 extremely large photograph book, fine in very good dustjacket. Handsome! $15

Are You Experienced, Axis Bold as Love, Electric Ladyland Jimi Hendrix, new CDs in cases. The first two are the 1993 remasters, the last one is the 1997 remaster, $19 the set

Brideshead Revisited Evelyn Waugh, Folio Society, in slipcase, $19

Letter Fountain Joep Pohlen. Very handsome type reference guide from Taschen, sewn paperback, $20

No Exit and Three Other Plays Jean Paul Sartre, paperback, $1

Inhuman Magazine #5 signed by Allen Koszowski, paperback, $6

Inhuman Magazine #6 signed by Allen Koszowski, paperback, $6

The Rampaging Hulk #1 Marvel Essentials Trade paperback, $10

Dallas Cowboys: America's Game 5 DVD set great for a football fan, $5. New condition.

Miami Dolphins: America's Game 2DVD set great for a football fan, $3. New condition.

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