A Life in Illustration

Hannes Bok
deluxe edition


With over 450 pages, and a large, 11 × 17 size, this collection covers the entire artistic career of Hannes Bok. Painstakingly edited by Joseph Wrzos, with essays and memoirs on Bok by Ray Bradbury, Stephen Fabian, and many others, this book features over 600 illustrations. Many come from the pulps and pulp covers. Our color section features all of Bok’s known dustjackets and the largest collection of Bok paintings ever published, including many works that have never before been printed. Key works also feature detail views. Printed on heavy paper, with printed cloth panels, ribbon markers, and a printed cloth slipcase, the edition is limited to 200 copies for sale and is signed by most contributors. The book is printed using stochastic screening with five inks, resulting in unparalleled clarity and color reproduction.
       This page is for the signed deluxe, traycased edition, which is limited to just 20 copies for sale and which will probably ship in October 2012. It is signed by Joseph Wrzos, Stephen Fabian, Bob Eggleton, Jill Bauman, Jason Eckhardt and Stephen Hickman. There are also signatures by Ray Bradbury and Hannes Bok, but these are facsimile, or printed, signatures. It is nice to have a Bok signature, and you will understand that due to his age and health, Mr Bradbury was just not able to sign and we felt it rude to even ask.
       If you are interested in the signed and slipcased edition, please click here for more information.

edition information

  • Oversize edition, limited to 20 copies.
  • Signed by most contributors.
  • Edited by Joseph Wrzos.
  • Introduction by Ray Bradbury.
  • Loaded with gorgeous full-page, full-color prints.
  • Cloth bound traycase, ribbon markers, head and tail bands, printed cloth front and rear panels, oversize clear Mylar dustjacket, quarterbound in Chieftain goat leather.
  • Contains a suite of extra unbound illustrations, oversize, in their own hardcase cloth folder.