Blood Secrets

Craig Jones


At twenty-three, Irene seems to have the world by the tail: she’s gorgeous, smart, funny, full of sass, and the envy of her friends. Hardly the type you’d expect to become a murderess.
       What sets Irene on the path to murder is, of course, love — love and loyalty. She has more or less counted on not falling in love with anyone, and prides herself on the casualness of her affairs. But Irene hasn’t counted on Frank, a mysterious and fascinating figure who seems to elude Irene’s most ingenious attempts to charm him. Even after the wedding, Frank keeps his mysteries to himself — even after his uninvited sister Vivian makes a surprise appearance at the wedding (sending Frank into a panic).
       Frank’s deepest secret is finally revealed in a shattering climax, and it turns out to be horrible beyond imagining — but Irene has already committed herself to a course of action that can only lead to murder.
       In Craig Jones’s clean and biting prose, Irene’s story gallops to its terrifying conclusion. The psychological subtleties of this thriller are unfolded with great ingenuity, each little twist to be savored in this tale of two enormously likeable, intelligent characters whose lives turn into a nightmare.

edition information

  • Limited to 300 copies, each signed by Craig Jones, Bryan Veldboom, and David Ho.
  • Introduction by Bryan Veldboom.
  • Original dustjacket art, title page, and interiors by David Ho.
  • Ribbon marker, head and tail bands, sewn binding, rounded back spine.
  • Original book price: $50.
  • Published November 2019.
  • ISBN 978-1-61347-231-6.