Bury Him Darkly

John F. Blackburn


Over two hundred years ago the body of the notorious Sir Martin Railstone were interred, his followers claim him as a genius of the arts, a poet without parallel, an artist second to none and one of the great thinkers of his day. The Church of England has rather a different view, considering him to be nothing less than a British de Sade and perhaps the spiritual godfather of Aleister Crowley. Now, long after his death, planned construction will leave his tomb deep beneath the waters of a new dam. His followers believe that there are important secrets buried with him, and one, George Banks, either more courageous or foolish than the rest dares to open to the tomb to find out…
      There was something buried in Railstone’s tomb, something horrible that has been confined for over two hundred years and now it’s free again… George Banks saw it and died a screaming madman as a result, the death of George Banks was just the beginning… Four very unlikely allies are drawn together to try and stop this threat before all of England is turned to an abattoir.
       Centipede Press is proud to release this second volume in our series of John F. Blackburn’s greatest works. Originally published in 1969, Bury Him Darkly is one of Blackburn’s most terrifying novels and is now presented in the deluxe format that such a classic work calls for. Limited to 200 copies, signed by both introducer Nathan Ballingrud and legendary cover artist Gahan Wilson, you can order this and the preceding volume, A Scent of New Mown Hay, and receive matching numbers!

edition information

  • Limited to 200 copies, each signed by Nathan Ballingrud and Gahan Wilson.
  • Family-approved facsimile by John F. Blackburn.
  • New introduction by Nathan Ballingrud.
  • Gorgeous endpapers.
  • Full Dutch cloth with blind stamp on front board.
  • Ribbon marker, head and tail bands.
  • Bonus short story, “The Field of Blood.”
  • Original book price: $45.
  • Published August 2017.
  • ISBN 978-1-61347-190-6.